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Examination, ATP, ADR - Additional vehicle markings

Additional vehicle markings

Additional vehicle markings

Additional vehicle markings


From January 1, 2020, entered into force on Government Decree No. 1653 "On approval of requirements for additional labeling of the vehicle, about its application and use."

Additional marking is one of the innovations incorporated in the law "On state registration of vehicles" (entered into force 1 January 2020). If during the inspection of the vehicle by the traffic police clarified (e.g., during registration) that the factory identification number on the body or frame cannot be read (e.g. due to corrosion, repair, forgery), the owner has the ability to inflict additional marking of the vehicle.

One of the structural units of the group of companies UCEPS at – testing laboratory (hereinafter IL) "URALTEKH" accredited to carry out works on application of additional marking (number of record in the registry of accredited persons No. RA.EN.21HO18).

To date, our laboratory has carried out more than 100 additional markings on the vehicle, including with departure of experts directly to the customer outside of Yekaterinburg and the Sverdlovsk region.

For applying additional marking laboratory specialists use the most advanced equipment, providing clear, reliable, durable marking. Additional identification number is applied to the frame or fixed part of the body in "easy to read place."




The procedure of applying in the mud, "URALTEKH"

  1. The statementwith which the owner of the vehicle applied to the STSI, which is responsible for the provision of public services on state registration of vehicles (hereinafter - the division of the state traffic Inspectorate), to carry out registration actions concerning vehicles, in the cases established by Federal law, or a copy of the statement, signed by the authorized representative of the Inspectorate. This statement (or a copy) shall be submitted with marks on it the authorised person of the Inspectorate containing the data:

there are grounds for applying additional marking in accordance;

about installed the manufacturer's vehicle identification number of the vehicle;

on the identity elements (stamps, seals, labels), fixed officials of traffic police departments on fixed parts of the vehicle in places protected from the external environment (hereinafter - seal).

2. The passport of the citizen of the Russian Federation or other document proving his identity. Authorized representative of the owner of the vehicle to additionally submit a document certifying its authorization to represent the owner of the vehicle in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation.

  3. The vehicle overlaid with officials of the Inspectorate seals.

4. With the submission of fully compliant documents and vehicle operating applying additional marking with the compliance requirements.

Note: in case of failure to fully meet the requirements of the documents and the vehicle, and in case of discrepancy between the information contained in the statement (the first statement), the information of the submitted documents or the characteristics of the seals the additional marking does not apply.

5. The results of applying additional marking IL "URALTEKH" the owner of the vehicle is issued a certificate about the application of additional labeling of the vehicle.

  6. After marking and issue of the certificate, the owner will need to make changes to the vehicle passport (PTS) and to the traffic police a new certificate of vehicle registration (STS).

The cost of services for car owners 10 000.

Our professionals have the ability to perform work at the customer's premises outside of Yekaterinburg and the Sverdlovsk region. The cost of travel is negotiated separately.

Testing laboratory "URALTEKH" provides services for the application of identification numbers on vehicles manufactured individually (handmade) that are assigned a VIN to retrieve SBKTS and for the subsequent registration in the traffic police.

The cost of services for car owners 5 000.

If desired, the motorist additionally, it is possible to apply identification numbers or hidden markings for easy identification of the vehicle and its component parts in case of theft. The price is negotiable.