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Examination of the tires of the limousine the first President of Russia

At the solemn procedure of awarding distinguished employees of the industry of public services, which was held in anticipation of the professional holiday in "Yeltsin Centre", to our esteemed colleagues who came to receive government awards and congratulations, was able to visit the Museum of the first President of Russia B. N. Yeltsin. The interest of the presidential limousine, but rather the wheels of the car.

Member of the Board of the self-regulatory organization Nonprofit partnership "Ural Association of the enterprises of automobile business" Novoselov Peter V. and our dear Patriarch tire business – expert on tires, labor veteran, honored inventor of the Russian Federation Valery S. Savosin, interested in the question: what tyres was fitted with a limousine the first President of Russia B. N. Yeltsin? It was decided – despite only just received government awards, immediately to conduct a technical examination!

No sooner said than done! And behold, two experienced specialist, we can say two giants of the domestic automotive industry, with youthful enthusiasm began to study "provided" for examination materials.

Carefully examine the tires, mounted on "swallow" the President revealed that the tires are marked "Made in USSR" (made in USSR) and manufactured at the Omsk tire plant experienced. Russia's first President according to an unwritten rule respected Russian manufacturer. Tires do not have the designation of normative document, which they must meet, and only two references to TU (technical conditions). They also do not have information about the date of manufacture, only the designation of the size is 250/70 R16 And-283.

After reviewing the technical expertise of tyres by analyzing and comparing the facts, and at the same time, after admiring the "Royal carriage" President, our experts concluded that it was an order to manufacture tires specifically for this vehicle.

And nearby was a government ZIL, too out of the garage first President. To our wonderful experts, the tires on it seemed suspiciously new and modern. But, as, unfortunately, time was limited, our expert Committee, it was decided to deal with them another time and the results of the examination to expose the staff of the Museum.


the provided materials Savosin V. S.


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