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The assessment of vulnerability OTI and TC

Due to the rapid growth of illegal entry actions of terrorism around the world, which attract the death of people and loss of property, many countries pay great attention to transport safety. In order to ensure maximum safety in the Russian government ordered to assess the vulnerability of transport infrastructure and vehicles. This procedure is premature to identify the level of defense and are insured objects and transport of illegal entry, as well as the level of force when necessary. Vulnerability assessment is carried out and the vehicle OTI specialized accredited companies, which include AT UTSEPS Group companies. The organization carries out this service to aviation, rail, water and road transport.

Available data subject for the development of vulnerability assessment

It analyzes the state of the transport infrastructure according to the following information:

- Especially the construction of structural elements which can be understood as a physical barrier;

- Technical parameters and technological features of the vehicle, and the LIO;

- Materials and the goods that are produced, stored in the facility;

- Information about the employees who are working or allowed to work in this building.

How is the assessment of the level of security and TC OTI

Before you assess the vulnerability of the vehicle or the infrastructure must necessarily undergo categorization. Depending on the category assigned to the company assesses the vulnerability. In the field of road transport vulnerability assessment carried out in the following stages:

- The company's specialists studied the technical and technological features of objects and structures, as well as how to organize their operation. We give a general description of the object and description, revealed the list of critical elements.

- Analyzes the set of measures that have been taken to ensure the full protection of the transport object of an illegal invasion. Check their compliance with applicable requirements.

- Create a model of the offender and his most probable scenario action. With this model, the company determines the consequences, possible threats, the level of efficiency already functioning security system. Results of the study are to identify the need to revise the categories of safety facilities.

- Make recommendations aimed at the introduction of additional security measures and TC OTI.

The results obtained in the company draws up a report in triplicate. For the approval of the reports provided to the Federal Road Agency. The resulting conclusion is passed to the customer.

Group UTSEPS AT - qualitative assessment of the vulnerability of the vehicle, and the LIO

Choosing organization, which will assess the vulnerability of the object, you must pay attention to the following factors:

- That the company has the necessary documents allowing it to provide the service;

- Work experience, has many successful projects;

- The possibility of the company providing services to the automotive business.

All of these criteria are met by the Group UTSEPTS AT companies. Assess the vulnerability of the vehicle and OTI must be with this company for the following reasons:

- To handle the organization of the information used by certified equipment, licensed software. This allows the customer to be confident that the data will not be used for commercial purposes and do not fall into the hands of potential customers of competitors.

- Many similar organizations increase the cost of services provided, however, it is illegal. Pricing to perform vulnerability assessment established by the Federal Service for Tariffs of the Russian Federation, therefore, increase and even reduce them impossible. The company commits to respect its customers illegal actions, so they can be sure that not overpay a penny.

- The activity of the company is aimed at long-term cooperation, therefore, to develop and implement a plan to ensure the safety of objects and vehicles, customers are offered favorable conditions in material terms;

- Management companies provide accessible and competent advice in the field of transport security.

In order to assess the vulnerability of the TC or OTI client needs to send a request to the Group UTSEPS AT companies or organizations to contact the managers by phone. On the basis of the information provided to the subject, the company puts quotation. After positive approval of proposals by the customer, the company is the contract, employees begin their work.