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The first workshop of the Ural Federal district

One of the pressing issues in road transport - the issue of security, namely, protection from acts of unauthorized intervention. This topic is particularly relevant in our day, around the world events related to terrorism in all modes of transport.

In addition, there are many issues related to the implementation of works on transportation security and vulnerability assessment of transport infrastructure. Therefore, it was decided to organize a seminar where we could gather interested parties and discuss pressing issues.

The seminar was organized by the Ural Association of the enterprises of automobile business (SRO NP Orapub"), a member of the group of companies UCEPS at. The initiative was supported by the Ekaterinburg city Administration, the state Agency of automobile transport", the motor Union of entrepreneurs of the Sverdlovsk region, Krasnoyarsk, Russia Siberian state automobile and highway Academy (SibADI)", FGBOU VPO "Ural state forestry University", the Ministry of health of the Sverdlovsk region and other organizations.

And here on the appointed day on 28 April 2016 in the beautiful conference hall of hotel Oktyabrskaya Yekaterinburg gathered those to whom the subject of transport security is close and relevant. Had accumulated more than a hundred participants from almost all of the Urals Federal district. The seminar was attended by carriers, representatives of the bus stations, managers of large enterprises engaged in the transportation of passengers and cargo, including dangerous.

Almost the entire seminar was held in the "round table". We must pay tribute to the rapporteurs, who initiated a live chat with the participants, promptly answering all the available questions in the hall. This helped to avoid dry dull reports and viewing statistics.

Special thanks on behalf of the Association I would like to Express Sergei Igonin - representative of the Supervisory body - UGAN notb UFO "Rostransnadzor". He was extremely open and candid with the audience, and tried to convey available information associated with the work of his Department.

Very interesting report has provided our distinguished guest from St. Petersburg - Yuriy Tarasov, Director of the Center for transportation Safety. He brought with him the unique materials of the State Duma in the development of transport safety, draft legislative acts.

In addition were made by the representatives of the USFU, STSI GU MVD in the Sverdlovsk region, the representative of the Ministry of health and other speakers.

The participants praised the organizers, thanked for the initiative of organizing such a relevant workshop. A joint decision was made about carrying out in the autumn in Ekaterinburg similar event, but larger in scale, with obligatory attraction of the responsible specialists of the Ministry of transport of the Russian Federation, prosecutors, the FSB, and invite all interested parties, not only the Urals Federal district, but also other regions.