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In Russia it is legal to make changes to the design of the machine

At present, the topic of re-equipment of SUVs has acquired a huge amount of rumors. A lot of articles on the Internet tell us incredible things about how everything is complicated and not clear. Yes, indeed, an unprepared person, all this many documents and instances of their issuers can confuse and scare away from this procedure. Hence the idea arose to write this article and explain - "How in Russia it is legal to make changes in the design of the car."


To be honest with the power iron (as well as lift, wheels, snorkel, extra tank, etc.) and not to be afraid of inspectors on the road (and this is fines and cancellation of registration), you need to get a re-equipment document in the traffic police (certificate of compliance construction of the vehicle safety requirements - SCTS TB). This document officially states that your car is suitable for driving with DOPs after the alterations introduced into its design.


It should be noted that for different items in the list, which will be further answered by different units in the traffic police (technical supervision and registration).


How do you get a certificate of compliance with the design of the vehicle requirements for road safety? The procedure is completely understandable and feasible. Of course, each case is unique and with different re-equipment a different package of necessary documents may be required, but below is the backbone of any conversion, all these stages are present in every conversion and all those who decided to do everything according to the law will have to pass this path.


Technical regulations of the Customs Union 018/2011 "On the safety of wheeled vehicles" determines the procedure for making changes to the design of the machine, namely:


1. Select any testing laboratory that has the authority to issue safety inspection reports of wheeled vehicles.


2. Apply to such a laboratory to obtain a preliminary technical expert opinion report. The document will describe in detail what and how will be installed on your machine, as well as the requirements for this equipment.


3. Show your car on the inspection site (for the first time) in the traffic police and get the first inspection mark and permission for re-equipment. The traffic police officer, on the basis of inspection of the vehicle and the conclusion of preliminary examination, makes a decision - to allow or prohibit this modification in the design of your car.


4. The most important step is to perform all the planned work on installing additional equipment on the car. It is necessary to do everything as written in the conclusion of the preliminary technical expertise. As a result of the work, it is necessary to prepare a declaration-declaration on the amount and quality of work on making changes in the design of the TS. If in the preliminary examination it is written that the work must be done by a specialized service, then the application-declaration and a copy of the certificate represent the service, if you are allowed to make changes yourself, then the declaration declaration is filled by you.


5. Provide the vehicle with the changes made for inspection to the line of technical inspection and get a diagnostic card. Important! During the conversion you can change weight. This should be reflected in the diagnostic map.


6. Call the testing laboratory again. This time it is necessary to obtain a protocol of technical expertise of the vehicle structure after making changes to the design. This protocol will list all your modifications, as well as the conclusion - "After making changes, your vehicle meets the requirements of the technical regulations."


7. To pay the 2 nd state duty: for obtaining a certificate of compliance with the vehicle's safety requirements - SCTS TB (issued by the traffic police), and for making changes to registration documents.


8. To show the second time the car with changes in traffic police and to receive the Certificate on conformity of a design of a vehicle to requirements of safety of traffic!


9. Prepare an application for changes in the PTA and a certificate of registration of the CU in connection with the introduction of a change in the design.


10. Submit to the MREO window:

your application,
certificate of SCTS TB,
passport of the vehicle,
certificate of registration of the vehicle,
the policy of OSAGO,
your passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation.
and receive documents with notes on conversion.


All! At that moment, you became a happy owner of a car with formal and legal changes made to its design. You are now not afraid of sudden stops of traffic police on the road.

By the way, if there is a desire to fasten something to the machine, it is necessary to repeat this procedure anew (therefore when making changes it is best to immediately register everything that you want to do with the machine)!


P / S Separately it is worth mentioning the so-called "pitfalls":

Power weather kit (bumpers, thresholds, trunks): Certificates of conformity are required. Required! At present, registration of a "samovar" and "as a factory, but a samod