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We are continuing work on the re-equipment of vehicles

Dear customers!
We continue to work on the re-equipment of vehicles - conducting preliminary technical examinations and issuing protocols for registration with the traffic police.
In addition, despite the difficult economic situation in the country, we continue to develop the range of our services. Our new auto technical center in Berezovsky has started its work. Now, to submit applications and prepare documents for the conversion of vehicles, you can contact one of our three offices at the following addresses:
1. Yekaterinburg, Krupnosortschikov str., 14, of. 314
2. Yekaterinburg, per. Driver's, 20
3. Berezovsky, Uralskaya str., 126a
We remind you of the procedure for obtaining documents when making changes to the design of the vehicle:
1. Contact us to obtain:

  •  The conclusion of the preliminary technical examination of the vehicle design;
  • Applications for contacting the traffic police;

2. Sign the application received from us to the traffic police for contacting the traffic police;

3. On the basis of a signed application to the traffic police, get a second set of documents from us:

  • Protocol of technical expertise;
  • Declarations-declarations from the SRT;
  •  Test certificates

4. Receipt of documents with registered changes in the traffic police
You can send an application and materials for processing documents for re-equipment
• by e-mail: info@uceps.ru
* call +7 (343) 286-43-99 ext. 114
If you have not received an answer to the sent letter within 1 business day, call +7 (343) 286-43-99 ext. 114, your letter may not have reached us for some reason.
Register of documents

  • Owner's passport (main page with data and registration)
  • Notarized power of attorney (to represent the interests of the conversion of your vehicle in the traffic police to our specialist)
  • Vehicle ownership document
  •  Vehicle registration Certificate
  • PTS (EPTS)
  •  SNILS
  •  List of desired retrofits
  • Т Vehicle mileage
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